Our Vision

Every journey to excellence is different. Our purpose is to guide you on yours. Together we will create the best environment for yourself in regards to your optimal performance. We understand that the world of esports is vast and there are no “quick fixes” or “ready solutions” for every situation. That’s why we take our time and create solutions together with you, our clients. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with a stronger mentality, better understanding of yourself (both in and out of the game) and others and most importantly to unlock your optimal potential and use it in your grind to the top.

Our Services

Ind1v1dual sessions

These sessions are intensive one on one consultations which aim to improve your mindset and/or help you deal with any mental barriers that may be impacting your performance, health, or well-being.

Team or Group

Teams that work together win together. Understanding your teammates, taking the best out of them and achieving great results puts a lot of pressure on each member of the team.

Workshops and Talks

Sometimes your team might want to work on a specific issue only. It could be related to improving communication, gaining more confidence, dealing with pressure (choking) or another relevant topic.

Online courses

Coming soon!

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