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George Atanasov is a mental performance consultant, currently working in professional esports. He has experience consulting elite athletes and esports players. If you want to improve your mental game sign up for a free initial session with him by messaging at

Overcoming Loss in Esports

The psychology of losing The psychology of losing refers to the emotions and thoughts that individuals experience in the aftermath of a defeat or loss. Losing can evoke a wide range of emotions, including disappointment, frustration, sadness, and anger. Losing can also have a significant impact on your self-esteem and self-worth. It can lead to […]

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Five things great leaders in esports do

When it comes to leadership in esports coaches and players would try to apply different strategies to improve their skills. Some would work, some would not. If you are tired of the ‘trial and error’ method, here are five things that could help you become a great leader in esports. A great leader is always […]

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How to build trust in esports

Forget about game knowledge. Forget about skills, KDA, titles and achievements. If you can’t trust each other – your team will fail. It takes countless hours to build trust and a single moment to lose it forever. If you want to build trust within your team and become a better teammate follow these tips. Be […]

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The Five Stages of Team Development

Having a group of very skilled players with one goal is not enough to win consistently. Similar to elite team sports, in professional team esports, one of the most important factors for great results is a well functioning and synergized team. Unfortunately a lot of teams or esports organizations would often rely on methods that […]

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How to overcome precompetitive anxiety

What is precompetitive anxiety (PCA)? You are about to play an important game. Your heartbeat increases, your mind is racing… You are thinking “What if I fail?.. I can’t fail.. I must win..” Suddenly you lose focus, you can’t concentrate. It seems whatever you try to force yourself to do seems like it’s not working.. […]

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The most common mistakes players make when they hire a mental coach

Mental coaching involves providing gamers with a series of psychological strategies for improving their ability to confront training and competition with greater guarantees of success. Therefore, it is a specific task aimed at increasing the performance and wellbeing of gamers or anyone involved in the game’s context. The principal idea of mental training, as with […]

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How to overcome ‘tunnel vision’ in esports

When the pressure gets too much to handle during the game, it’s highly likely for a player to experience a state of stress which is known as  “tunnel vision”. “Tunnel vision” is often referred to the psycho-physiological reaction characterized by an adrenaline rush that causes a significant reduction in intellectual and physical performance. This state […]

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Manage pressure during overtime in esports

In the previous article we discussed some of the reasons why you might experience pressure during overtime in your game. Managing pressure in esports is a mental skill that all successful players should develop.But how to manage that pressure? The way pressure is experienced is very subjective and different individuals develop different mechanisms to overcome […]

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Why you might experience pressure in esports during overtime

Pressure in esports occurs in different moments of the game due to various reasons. However, there isn’t anything more disappointing than choking because of pressure during overtime. Pressure could also be manifested and experienced in different ways based on variety of factors such as the game itself, the team or the individual that’s playing, the […]

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