Consulting with a sport psychologist is not about fixing something – it’s about gaining an edge

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Considering working with a sport psychologist

If you don’t have any ambitions in becoming professional in gaming, you are probably perfectly capable of achieving satisfying results in the game you play by your own. However, in competitive gaming the natural turn of events on your grind would eventually lead you to a point in which all your technical skills, game knowledge and smart tricks would not be enough to defeat your opponents. For “unknown” reasons you would feel like failing in the most critical moments only to see victory slipping away through your fingers. No matter how hard you try, improve your strategies and skills you would reach again this point in which everything falls apart. At this point there are two options – remain the same or improve.

In sports training your mind is like training your body

Even though in sports training your mind is as much important as training your body, traditional athletes mostly rely on their physical preparation and only train their mental skills if they are having a hard time. From one point of view, this strategy is understandable, because traditional athletes are physically active in their sport and most of the times try to compensate their poor mental state with their physical abilities. Unlike traditional sports, esports are one hundred percent mental. This means that if the players want to win, their mind has to be trained and prepared no matter what. They simply don’t have the luxury traditional athletes do.

Working with a mental coach or a sport psychologist

Working with a mental coach or a sport psychologist has a lot of benefits. From personal improvement such as better decision-making and stronger emotional control, boosted confidence and positive self-image to team benefits such as improved communication, better understanding of roles and responsibilities and much, much more. In the end of the process you would change the way you feel and think about yourself and the game you play in a better way.

If working with a sport psychologist is so beneficial, why a lot of athletes are reluctant to it?

There isn’t a single answer to that question, but amongst other reasons the way of thinking about psychological consulting is still full of stigma and misunderstanding. Unfortunately, the majority of people think that working with a sport psychologist is not necessary unless there is already “a problem”. While without a doubt, a sport psychologist is useful in such situations, the truth is that working with such consultant is not about fixing something – it’s about gaining an edge. This line of thinking becomes very clear when we talk about physical preparation. If you want to achieve great physical results you would hire a coach or a fitness instructor to help you in advance. If you want to improve your mental skills you would hire a sport psychologist or a mental coach.

Where to find a sport psychologist who works in the field of esports?

If you are considering working with a sport psychologist to reach your top performance, you are on the right place. Simply go to the contact form and begin your path to excellence.

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