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Demotivation is one of your biggest enemies outside the server. In fact, being demotivated is probably one of the worst feelings, not only in esports but in general. This feeling is often described as a general sense of no direction and lack of progress. But what’s even worse is perhaps that  despite the fact that you are not getting any enjoyment out of getting nowhere, you feel no urgency or drive to make the effort to change your situation. So now you feel like you are stuck but you also don’t feel like doing something about it. 

When you’re feeling demotivated you often develop avoidance to face your issues. If left unresolved, it spreads like a disease to other areas in your life and festers to develop denial and extensive procrastination. This deadly combination often grows into feelings of guilt and self-hatred. Demotivation also triggers your insecurity for not working towards your goals. And in the end you are left with the feeling that you want so badly to do the right thing, get back to a good place and serve your purpose but your ego is damaged and you’re too discouraged to fight back.

You compare yourself to others

Let’s be honest. We all do that from time to time. Some of us more than others. However, you should be really mindful when comparing yourself to others – it’s often the road to dissatisfaction and demotivation. Of course, there is a huge motivational value in defeating your opponents or achieving the same level of success as the people who inspire you. But the reality is that most of the time you will go through some really hard situations and face failure frequently or feel like you are not doing the same as ‘that other guy’. 

You are working too hard

It’s true that working hard is the path to success. But it’s also true that working too hard would often lead you to psychological burnout. In a highly competitive environment such as esports it’s normal to see more and more players and teams who grind a lot of hours daily. However, it’s really important to be clear for you as a person – when it is too much for you and when do you need to take a quality rest. When you get tired, don’t quit – learn to rest.

Your goals are too big

Your goals are the fabric of your vision of success and therefore your motivation to progress. “Dream big, achieve big” – we’ve all heard that, but let’s be a little more realistic. Do you have specific and measurable goals? Or are they just an idea of a place you want to be after a certain amount of time? A lot of people underestimate what they can do for a short period of time and overestimate their success after some years from today.

You focus on the wrong things

A healthy motivation is strictly related to what your mind focuses on. It’s absolutely realistic to expect that most of the time, things would not go in your favor by default. This is especially true in team games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota2, Valorant and many more. The good news is that you can change what you control. Most often that’s your own performance and skill and effort. Always keep in mind that there is no perfect game, but there is a perfect effort. Focus on what matters – daily progress, not perfection.

You are overwhelmed and lack a clear vision

Last but not least this point is often a major factor regarding feeling demotivated. Lacking a clear vision about your success would often lead to being overwhelmed by what you have to do on a daily basis and also make you feel like you lose control very easily (or don’t have any at all). When you don’t have control over your thoughts, behavior and daily routine it’s really easy to become impulsive in your decisions and become overwhelmed by all the ‘things that you have to do today’. This behavior further strengthens your sense of lacking a clear vision and makes you even more confused and demotivated.

Do these aspects of demotivation sound familiar to you? Are you struggling with some of them or other mental barriers? Now is the time to take action and change your performance for the better. Message me at, get your first session free!

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