Five things great leaders in esports do

When it comes to leadership in esports coaches and players would try to apply different strategies to improve their skills. Some would work, some would not. If you are tired of the ‘trial and error’ method, here are five things that could help you become a great leader in esports.

A great leader is always the best example

If you truly want your team to treat you as their leader, you should give them the proper vision. Think about what you would like to see from your teammates. Hard work? Dedication? Teamwork? Great! A good leader would always require more from his team. A great leader would show them how it’s done. Being the best example possible is one of the most important things you can do to be a great leader.

A great leader always takes responsibility

Every leader loves the moments when their efforts are rewarded and their team is successful. However, true leadership is shown in challenges and adversity. Being able to take ownership about your own mistakes and team’s performance speaks a lot about you as a leader. 

A great leader treats his teammates with respect

Respect is earned not given. Even if you have a lot of achievements as a player, they mean nothing if you can’t make your team respect you for who you are. If you want to receive respect – you have to give it first. Leave your ego behind and treat your teammates with the respect they deserve. If you think highly of yourself, this means you would have to respect your teammates even more. After all, you are on the same team.

A great leader is always present and available

There are no days off for the great leader. He should bring stability within his team and play the role of the one who could be relied on in all moments, good or bad. If someone on the team is having a bad day or doesn’t perform well, the great leader should always learn about that first.

A great leader is asking questions and is open to feedback

If you want to be heard, you need to listen. Being a great leader means not only giving your teammates the right guidelines and strategies but also being able to address your own flaws when they provide you with feedback. 

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