How to build and maintain a successful team in esports

Do you want to build a successful team? Is your current team stuck on their performance? It seems like sometimes you play great and everything looks perfect, but the next game comes and all your efforts go down the drain. If that happened to you, don’t worry. This picture is not rare in professional esports. Especially amongst your players and teams.

If you have to remember only three things about how to build and maintain a successful team in esports, this is what you need to know. 

The three “E”-s you need to do to develop and maintain a successful team in esports

Encourage – create the foundation of your team culture

If you want to have a successful team, you need to make sure that every team member feels accepted, understood and valued. Every player has potential to grow and contribute to their team. Not every player is encouraged to do so. Having an encouraging environment in your team would help your players / teammates develop qualities such as confidence and self-esteem, the ability to set and execute team goals and consistency in performance amongst others crucial for building the winner’s mentality.

Empower – build the character of your team

Encouragement is essential to have in each team, however empowerment is what makes the real difference. A lot of coaches and players mistake empowerment with egocentrism and even toxic leadership. If you allow your team to go there, the only outcome would be disappointment and waste of time. On the contrary, when we talk about empowerment in team dynamics, we are talking about ownership and responsibility over your own actions, transparency in communication and process, effective leadership and mental toughness amongst many others.

Empathize – maintain the synergy in your team

Encouragement and empowerment work great together, but losing the emotional, human aspect of your players would inevitably lead to conflicts and disorganization. Developing empathy in your team would contribute to the synergy between the players and their integrity. Being empathetic means to be there for your team, especially in times of doubt and underperformance. Listening carefully to what each has to say and most importantly being able to understand them and leave them with the feeling that they felt understood.

If you are willing to take your team’s performance to the next level I would highly encourage you to introduce these three ‘E’-s to your team culture. If you want to discuss more, feel free to reach out at

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