How to build trust in esports

Forget about game knowledge. Forget about skills, KDA, titles and achievements. If you can’t trust each other – your team will fail. It takes countless hours to build trust and a single moment to lose it forever. If you want to build trust within your team and become a better teammate follow these tips.

Be honest. Tell the truth

Being honest is one of the most simple things you could do to become a trustworthy person. However, a lot of players would think of honesty as an excuse to be toxic. Learn how to be honest in a productive non-toxic way. It’s not okay to ‘tell the truth’ in a harmful and destructive way. Remember that each player is a person with their own mentality, flaws and qualities. When you want to be honest with a teammate your intentions should be aimed at their potential, not at their flaws.

Always work in your team’s best interest

Showing others that you care about the team is one of the best things you could do to build trust. Players who are focused on the team’s best performance rather than their individual stats are proven to be more trusted. If you present yourself as a dedicated and hardworking person, your team would see you as someone they could rely on.

Follow up your words with actions

Very often a player would try to impress others and promise or say things which they can’t deliver. If you want to build trust in your team, you should avoid such behavior at all costs. Instead grow a culture where what is said is done. Your team would judge you by your actions and not your words.  

Talk about your flaws and mistakes

It takes big balls to talk about your mistakes and flaws in an open way. But when you do it you actually reveal to your team that you trust them. Furthermore with this example you show to them that it’s okay to talk about such things and the point is to improve and not hide.

Ask questions in a friendly way and be open to answer them yourself

People like to talk about themselves. Showing genuine interest in others helps them understand that you are a friendly person and not just someone who plays the same game as them. However if you want to truly build trust between the two sides you also have to be open to answer honestly similar questions. Trust is all about give and take.

How do you build trust in your team? Please share in the comments. If you want to build a clutch mentality and learn new mental skills that would help you overcome your difficulties in your game – message me at and receive your first session for FREE.

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