The importance of professional mindset in esports

The only difference between a hardcore gamer and a professional esports player is their mindset.

The mindset is where all the problems such as inadequate daily routine, feeling of low self-esteem and failing to complete your goals are lurking and at the same time it is the place where all solutions to these problems are hidden. And while this is not a secret to anyone, building a professional mindset is easier said than done.

But what is a professional mindset?

The professional mindset is strictly related to your vision of yourself. Ask yourself: “Am I practicing or playing?”; “Am I devoted to my game, because I see myself as a successful professional, or I just play this game because I am good at it and have nothing better to do?

Such self-reflecting questions would help you define yourself either as a professional or a hardcore gamer.

If you accept and treat yourself as an athlete rather than a hardcore gamer than you are already one major step closer to your optimal performance.

But what does that mean and why professional mindset is so important for professional esports players?

Having a professional mindset is important for esports players because it is the foundation of their whole perception of themselves – their identity as players, and also their perception of the game they play. This mindset would help you think like a champion and not like a loser. It would also improve your self-esteem and self-respect.

Having a professional mindset means that you accept yourself as a professional athlete and not just a hardcore gamer. This means that in your mind you already made a difference between the two concepts and most importantly you know which one is relevant for you. That being said, if you accept yourself as a professional esports player you have to think and behave as such. And this is where all solutions to your problems outside of the game are hidden.

The truth is that a lot of players think that someone else is more successful than they are because of reasons outside of their control such as ‘talent’, ‘their social or economic status’ and even ‘lucky course of events’. Such excuses are really typical for people with a fixed mindset which has nothing to do with any sense of professionalism and self-respect. On the contrary people with a developed professional mindset are well aware that their competitors have the same 24 hours per day as they have and the only difference between them is what they put into these hours every single day.

If you struggle with building your own professional mindset or would like to improve your team atmosphere and achieve more goals in shorter periods of times contact me and share with me how you want to improve!

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