1 on 1


  • Free initial individual evaluation and report
  • Free 30 minutes initial consultation
  • Online or in-person meetings
  • Custom-tailored programs

These sessions are intensive one on one consultations which aim to improve your mindset and help you deal with any mental barriers that may be impacting your performance, health, or well-being. My final purpose is to help you build a strong mindset that is not only applicable in esports but also is beneficial in your personal life. This means that when we are done you will have a stable positive self-image, a better understanding of the game you play and an improved sense of self-awareness which would help you continue conquering new challenges on your own.



  • Тeam or group consultations
  • Online or in-person meetings
  • Custom-tailored programs

Teams that work together win together. Understanding your teammates, taking the best out of them and achieving great results puts a lot of pressure on each member of the team. A lot of teams waste time and energy on inefficient methods trying to figure out ‘their style’ of play or how to achieve synergy between each member. I understand how important it is to work at your best performance in a professional team. Our group sessions would help your team reach their optimal performance in the shortest and most efficient way.



  • Based on topics on your demand
  • Based on my portfolio
  • Online or in-person talks

Sometimes your team might want to work on a specific issue only. It could be related to improving communication, gaining more confidence, dealing with pressure (choking) or another relevant topic. Workshops are a brilliant way to discuss and work intensively on a current topic which is important to help you reach another level or overcome the current challenge.



  • Free 30 minutes initial consultation
  • Online or in-person meetings
  • Analysis of the current issue, report, and follow-up

Esports are one hundred percent mental. A lot of times unpredictable issues that cannot wait to be resolved could occur. It could be a conflict in the team or a personal issue with you or some of your teammates. Every athlete/team has rough times. But not everybody recovers healthily. Sometimes professional psychological interventions are the quickest and best way to resolve an ongoing issue and continue on your journey to conquer new challenges.



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