Why you might experience pressure in esports during overtime

Pressure in esports occurs in different moments of the game due to various reasons. However, there isn’t anything more disappointing than choking because of pressure during overtime. Pressure could also be manifested and experienced in different ways based on variety of factors such as the game itself, the team or the individual that’s playing, the settings (whether it’s a major match or a practice) etc. 

You want to close your game faster

This is perhaps the most frequent reason esports players report when it comes to pressure during overtime. Usually this type of pressure would follow the rule ‘the higher the stakes, the higher the stress’. This would be especially true to players who are strongly goal oriented and don’t accept defeat as an option. 

You feel like you are the one responsible for the team’s success

In team games, sometimes the pressure during overtime is not experienced by all members. Often the source of this stress comes from a single player or two. If you are the one who experiences pressure during over time the most, it could be because you feel like you are ‘the playmaker’ of the team. This sometimes could mean that in your perspective the game could be won only if you outsmart your opponent. But is that really true?

You are looking for your time to shine

On the other hand, you might feel like you are the underdog in your own team. You are rarely given a chance to show your potential and now is the time to take what is yours. After all, what would prove that you are a top performer more than closing an intense and close game?

What is your experience with pressure during overtime? How do you manage to keep your performance in such moments? Have you encountered with some of the reasons mentioned in this article? Share your experiences in the comments below or message me at

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